The epoc headset in games

1 Nov

A company called Emotiv make a little headset called the epoc. This headset is a gaming peripheral that reads your brainwaves as an input device.

From what i’ve seen of it, it’s pretty damn powerful actually. It needs training like I’ve mentioned before, but once that’s done it can sense individual thoughts as it actually reads how you think.

You can download a free game from emotiv called Spirit Mountain. This demo allows you to wander round lifting things up and throwing them around all by just using some brain power.

I love the fact that things like this exist. How cool is it to control a game just by thinking about the action you want to perform.

I’m positive that the gadget show mentioned this headset and used it with a game called flowers. It is a relaxation training game and the more relaxed you are, the prettier the flowers move around. Quite pretty but overall a one trick pony, not very replayable or at least enjoyable the second time round.

I think that controllers like these could be huge. If they were marketed more like guitar hero I think they would be. But, right now, the price is just too high to be able to sell it like that. It costs more than a console at $300. If anyone wants to buy me one, i’d be more than happy though.

These guys even made an appearance at TED, showing that it does indeed work quite well.

It’s quite interesting to look around their site because it becomes quite obvious that they have quite a dedicated developer comunity. Right now it seems to be made up of lots of crazy artist type guys rather than big name game developers, but still, its a start you know.

Bugger them though, it’s too pricey for me. I’ll stick with my simple cheap hack that can read two things.



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