Hacking toy brain readers

1 Nov

The crazy guys over at frontiernerds.com started this whole thing, or at least made me interested in using mind control myself.

They did a huge write up on how to hack a mind reader toy called the mindflex and then control things with it in processing. When I first started playing with this idea, the mindflex wasnt available in the UK. Well, while researching about mind control things today I found out that it is available. For £60 too*. (http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/4-/16222560/Mindflex/Product.html) My excuses for doing slightly more complex things are gone now it seems.

*at time of writing.

Anyway, these guys over at frontier nerds decided that the mindflex was the better option (this is debatable depnding on price and needs) and they wrote a nice article on just how to take one apart, add an arduino to it and read out the input. The problem I see with it straight away is that the arduino is wired straight onto the headset band, whereas with the force trainer, it is wired into the base station. Pluses and minuses though.

They did a great inital write up to it all that includes a great introduction to EEG headsets, how they work and some theory behind it.

Here is a video of how to hack into a mind reader:

Well, after seeing these guys, I did some digging to see if I could do the same but with the force trainer. The one that I could (at the time) get in the UK.

A guy called Zibri (http://www.zibri.org/2009/09/success.html)  had written up just how to do it, but not with an arduino. They wiring is pretty much the same though, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was getting the arudino input code to work. Luckily, after reading through the comments, someone had posted exactly that. The arduino code to read out the headset values. Great! Lots of hard work avoided for me there. I love the internet.

The internet loves mind reading technology it seems. I found a few things related to using the force trainer as an input, they all mainly came back to some guy who had just mapped an individual tone to each brain value so it played some sort of hypnotic tone. It was weird and quite crap.

And that’s how I learned to hack into one of these things. Playing around with the arduino code gave me more reliable and useable results though, so I did have some part to play in all of this madness.

I want some credit please.


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