Who needs a mouse?

27 Oct

Now this is cool, so it turns out some proffessor guy fgured out how to make a minority report style interface in flash with gestures and sound input. Intriguing.

It’s so intriguing in fact that I’m somehow shocked I havnt seen this kind of thing around more often.

Well, I’ve always liked this kind of thing, but always get annoyed by the fact you dont get much in terms of feedback. Tell me I’m doing things right or wrong dammit, don’t just sit there and silently judge me.

It’s like the whole microsoft kiniect thing, great product on paper, but a huge novelty. No one wants to sit there pretending to drive a car in mid air like a 4 year old, they want things to hold on to, a physical thing they can attach to it because everyone is bloody lazy. It’s a fact, no one likes to put in lots of effort all the time especially into things people do to relax.

Maybe there’s something here though? A crazy ass interface that blows your mind. I like gestures, yes, but put them in a kick ass game with some nice camera tracking and crazy mind controls. Am I onto a winner?

I must try to remember that 2D physics arn’t such a bad thing after all. I can write that from scratch too.

But, yes, I do like this site and the ideas behind it. Have to look into how I could improve this and make it more reliable/usable/awesome.

I should point out, I did just try to use the site myself, I got very confused about what I was meant to do. It seemed to just move onto things by itself. Then it made my computer freeze up, but lots of things do that right now. Anyway, I don’t really know how the site works right now, I’ll try it out in G1 tomorrow.


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