Uh oh Spaghetti o’s

27 Oct

Having some problems with my AR thing.

So I got several features working including physics and marker position relating to actual on screen graphics, but it’s not working well.
Well, by working well, I mean that its incredibly CPU intensive and has a tendancy to stop working correctly after a few minutes. Not good for a game situation.

This is annoying. I might have to come up with some other AR thing altogether, that is if I want to continue with AR as my FMP. I could go down the route of brainwaves after all. It is mindblowing tech.

This is really dissapointing for me. I had huge hopes for an AR physics game. That was the one that could get me jobs.

Righty roo. I may think of an alternate thing, like some sort of crazy cross breed interface of ar AND brainwaves. Just maybe…

But this 3D physics in AR thing is so annoying by being unstable and not as workable as I imagined. Maybe a 2d game?

Maybe a game where you dont see yourself so you save a ton on CPU usage?

Maybe a game that takes more advantage of distances between markers and how I use the code?


Side note that’s pushing me towards a CRAZY INTERFACE THING is that I uploaded a new video of my brainwave testing and the updated graphics handling working to vimeo, I then posted it on twitter and sent it to the guys over at activetuts, they loved it and retweeted it themselves, it got 60+ hits in an hour or so thanks to them. Other people have started retweeting it too but I think the popularity of it has died down for now. Still cool though, people are genuinely excited that I’m doing mind stuff in flash.


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