Total Immersion

24 Oct

Bastards essentially. They do pretty much every cool thing with AR. They have a monopoly over the AR world ranging from exhibit work to online stuff even to consumer products.

Holy crap do they do some cool things. They dont use flash, they use their own platform which needs a seperate plugin to run. This is the only thing I have bad to say about them. For online stuff, why don’t they develop in flash? It just makes sense. For other work, yeah fine use your own very reliable system. They did work for the gadget show not too long ago to put AR in bus stops. They put it online too and they used their own system, I had to go and download their plugin before being able to see it. For what it was, it could easily be done in flash, it was just a flat video material on a plane, nothing hard.

Anyway, their exhibit works is damn cool. They develop such reliable and cool looking things. One example is this muliplayer bumper car game. A big table where you can drive around a bumper car against other players live in real time. You can even alter the game by throwing in other tags with things to bump into or collect. Very nice.

They work with a number of hugs companies to give them great looking and fun stands to play with. And why not? It’s fun and very simple for people to come up and play with.

I know one place where I’m sending my CV and links to my work to after this year. Along with that company who made the AR CV and preloaded. One of them is bound to give me a job right? Right?


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