AR Tetris

24 Oct

This is something that I found when I initially was thinking of games in AR. I was thinking of this as a basic test to see how you could merge both AR and other computer based games.

It’s interesting to see this game working. Especially because it’s in three dimensions which makes it super tricky to play. But it works. When I first saw this, I instantly knew that I could do so much more with AR games. I just can’t limit myself to how to use it. It’s why I’m trying to think of AR games in more ways than just in terms of wii like game play, because that’s piss easy to do, especially with FLARManager which can quickly and easily read out positions and rotations of markers. A driving game where you rotate a marker would be too simple really.

Also, seeing this video makes me not want to use a keyboard interface to control things. Putting down the marker then wandering over to your computer to play the thing doesnt appeal to me. It’s that stepping away that takes you out of the dream like world that AR can conjure up in the right environment.

Yes, I think all that from a video of a japanese man playing 3d tetris.


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