The incredible machine

21 Oct

As usual, I like to point out that I’m influenced by games and things from my childhood. This is another one of those occasions.

The incredible machine is a DOS game that I distinctly remember playing in the early 90’s. It’s a physics game where you make Rube Goldberg esque machines using various and often odd pieces.

You are given a goal for each level, which can range from getting a ball in a hoop to popping balloons to far more complicated and humourous things.

This is something I wouold like to include in my game. This kind of fun and stupid physics game but yet you learn about some simple physics principles like restitution, equal and opposite reactions and other fun things.

But arn’t rube goldberg machines fantastic though? Especially being able to build them up quickly and easily in three dimensions with AR.

My mind is working too hard.


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