Interaction with reaction in AR

19 Oct

So, moving forward with my idea of putting together a rube goldberg esque machine in AR, I tried out controlling something using placement of AR makers.

This is just a simple test. When a marker gets to a certain x position on screen, a ball gains velocity and moves offscreen. It was also a test to see how I would go about overlaying graphics in AR.

Well, it works.

Next step is to implement a physics engine. I’m going with Jiglib as it is popular and should be easy to implement. I have a book on Papervision 3d (the 3d rendering engine im using to render things in flash) and it has a little chapter on combining jiglib with AR. They do demo a different AR toolkit to the one im using (FLARToolkit wheras im using FLARManager) but since the latter is based on the former, I think it should be pretty straight forward. Reading about how it’s implememnted, it certainly sounds it.

When this is done, that will be the biggest hurdle I think.

Oh well, let’s give it a go.



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