Brainwave reading in flash

3 Oct

So, as previously mentioned in an older post, I’ve started to use brainwaves as an input device in flash. I came back from Flash on the beach and pulled the brainwave toy out of the box it’s been living in for a few months. It decided to not work correctly when I wired it all back up. This was odd. Turned out all the electrics were still working as they should, but the code I was using to pull out the data was a bit wrong. It seems as if I broke my own code then put it away only to mess with myself in the future.

Anyway, with that part fixed and that I could read the values out through an arduino, I set about pulling out the values in flash.

I had previously done this through AS2, but after I’ve just spent the last month and a half learning cool things in AS3, I wanted it to be up to date with the powerful code.

Using the serproxy to talk to the arduino and some sample code to get things into flash, I started writing up a bit of code to seperate the values and make them usable.

Hooray! It works! Now I need to write it into a usable class so I can just pull it into things. Brainwave reading is getting fun.


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