Augmented Reality: Physics effects

17 Sep

Right, well I’ve been digging around various sites trying to find out how to do hit detection between two different objects on two different markers in AR. It’s tricky. The only way I could see to do it was to find out the proximity of two markers to each other, a bit useless if the object is running around off of the marker, but very cool if you want markers to affect each other in real time.

Now, what I initially wanted to do was sort of a bumper car effect. Just to demo it, I wanted a car you could drive around and bump into other objects on other markers. This is seemingly a little tricky as hit testing in Papervision 3d is a bit different to normal hit detection, then add in the objects are released through markers. I’m very sure it’s possible, I just have to figure out some physics engines first, as that seems to be the best entry point for this kind of thing.

While looking for this, I found out that you can detect the distance and rotation of markers in correlation to one another. This is mainly done using the FLARManager frameworks as the guy who wrote it wrote in some special classes that allow you to detect where a marker is on the screen at any given time. You just take readings from two markers, apply some maths and you can have markers reacting to each other.

All very well in theory but how does it look in reality? Well, one guy I found did a demo using a really cool physics engine that applies transitions and bends to create “cartoony” looking physics. Here’s a video of what I mean:

See? The metal bar reacts to the position of the magnet. Now I quite like this effect and I’m wondering if I could use it in any way…



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