Jeremy Clarkson has a point…

15 Aug

I was watching a repeat of Top Gear today on Dave. Yes, I get so bored I watch re runs of Top Gear. That’s besides the point though. Jeremy was given the challenge to set a time in a certain car on a certain track on a playstation 2. He then had to beat that time in real life with a real car on a real track.

He made some interesting points that make it all so clear that real life will always beat the games they replicate.

When driving round the track in real life he kept saying how you can feel the track and the bumps in it, you don’t get that in the game and they make all the difference. But the main thing that separates real life and games is the fear. The fear of dying, the adrenaline when you push yourself to the limit. You never get that in a game, you can always respawn and start again.

Jeremy started making a speech about how racing drivers don’t have a part of their brain that makes them scared, playing a video game does stop you from being scared of things like crashing in a fire ball, but you’ll never get the same experience as you would in real life.

For once Jeremy Clarkson has made a point that we can all agree with. Real life is far better than sitting on your couch playing games. Scare yourself shitless by almost crashing a lot instead. It’s gotta be good for you.


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