Mystery on Fifth.

9 Aug

I’ve always loved the idea of having a secret room in my house that was hidden behind a bookcase or under some stairs. It’s a kind of thing everyone wants, to have a little secret hidden in plain site just like those evil dooers in all those old films did.

One architecture firm went a bit nuts with this idea.

The firm 212box was given the brief to remodel an apartment, but the owners wanted a time capsule to be hidden in the walls somewhere so they could be remembered in that house.

The architect, Eric Clough took that a few steps and a jump further by creating a huge range of puzzles cleverly hidden around their apartment.

He never told the owners that he was putting in the puzzle which I think takes some balls. A month or so after they moved in, he sent them a letter to start the whole game off. He slaved for months creating these intricate puzzles and riddles and figuring out ways to hide them. Some are pure genius, there are a set of ornate door knockers hanging in their hallway. These are taken off, combined together to make a crank which opens up a hidden door in a cabinet. Everything is very old school, physical puzzles. No tech involved.

The quality of the final product is so high it’s astounding. Clough went through all the little details and made sure everything was perfect. He even had a book written about the fictional history of the apartment.

He uses a lot of hidden cabinets I’ve noticed. Then again, how varied can you be when you can’t use any tech to make things magical?

Either way I admire the man and think his creation is an astounding achievement.



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