La Fuga. Because video games are crap.

9 Aug

While looking for real life games, I found this gem from 2006. La Fuga is a first person escape game where you have to escape a futuristic spanish

prison. It seems like it’s a personal film where you become the action hero more than a game.

This idea and execution is fantastic, I think. Having actual air vents you have to climb through, and a timer strapped to your wrist, constantly reminding you of time slipping away, is brilliant. It’s not half assed game like paintballing so often is where you have a few sheds in a forest, this is a full on action movie.

I don’t see why there aren’t more of these around. Computer games can only give you so much. They can’t provide textural feedback, atmosphere or that feeling of thrill when you’re fighting for your life or freedom, they can only replicate it, where you sit on your sofa not moving very much.

I’m very taken by this game. It’s  a shame the company doesn’t seem to exist anymore. The whole experience seems to be huge and set over a sprawling location designed by film set designers. Placing a person into the role of the leadcharacter this directly is something I touched upon with S.A.M. Of course that project fell on it’s arse when no one could get the clues, clearly these guys have been more successful.

They even use lots of tech too, each player gets given a wristband with an RFID tag built in to track their progress across the map. They have a nice touch where the RFID tag clocks up a score for the player and they even have a high score list. Find the hidden bonuses, get extra points. They also have difficulty levels. You play through once and you think you have the hang of it so you go again to see if you can do better, except that the system knows you have played through before and takes you a different, harder way. That’s quite a nice touch, keeps the game fresh and stops the cockey getting over confident.

Great in a game so huge.

The author of the wired article where I discovered this game seems to have a point though, this game certainly isn’t built for everyone. The people who play video games religiously would scoff at a game like this. I’m not entirely sure why, just because it doesn’t have guns and lots of shooting like video games do.  I’ d jump at the chance to play a game like this, but not everyone likes to get up and play with things in real life, they don’t like to explore things.

The author of the article mentioned that some of it felt a bit cheesey. I can see why in some shots i’ve seen of it. It’s aged very badly and looks like

some of it was built in the 90’s rather than this decade. The hefty use of low budget filming takes away from the realism effect somewhat. Considering they went to great lengths to make some parts great, i’m wondering why other parts seem a little low budget. But, they made mistakes so I don’t have to.

Those people need to challenge their way of thought. A child hood of being told DON’T TOUCH THAT every time you went out anywhere has an adverse effect on their want for exploration. But perhaps, with more games like this, more interactive museum exhibits, people would challenge the social norm and start playing more.

Let’s all touch the bumpy paintings and pretend to be a prisoner escaping from a spanish jail cell.



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